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Seacon Ships Management Co., Ltd.(SSMC) is a professional third party ship management company under Seacon Shipping Group. At present, it has multiple wholly owned and joint venture brands.

With the considerate service of the company in global network, Seacon Ships Management Co., Ltd. (SSMC) can guarantee the value of the customer's assets in the most cost-effective way. We ensure that the customer's ships will be maintained in optimum conditions in all aspects, including maintenance, machinery, technology and crew management.

Through 15 years' development and experience accumulation in ship management business, SSMC has become an industry leader among domestic private ship management companies with more than 96 ships under its management.

The company holds various types of Document of Compliance (DOC) for safety management issued by China MSA and main Classification Societies. Flags subject to its management include 9 flag authorities such as China, Panama, Marshall, Liberia, Singapore and Hong Kong and ship types subject to its management include bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical tankers, passenger ships, general cargo ships, timber ships, multi-purpose ships, container ships and public service ships, etc.

SSMC has passed the RIGHTSHIP certification of Dry Bulk Cargo League and SIRE approval for petroleum companies as well as ISO9000 quality certification.

Management personnel and core team of the company are composed of persons who worked with famous shipping companies at home and abroad as general managers or worked on senior management positions for more than 15 years. Main teams of the company are from famous ship owners and management companies at home and abroad. The ship management team has more than 30 ship instructors (SI) and more than 20 assistant instructors, who were all graduated from such famous colleges and universities at home and abroad as Dalian Maritime University and Shanghai Maritime University and assumed such posts as captain, chief engineer and ship surveyor for many years, with rich navigation experience, skillful ship management skills and solid international shipping expertise.

As a professional company of international ship management, the company has been focusing on providing safe ship operation service for ship owners while retaining the value of ships, enhancing cost effectiveness and guaranteeing return on capital. We have rich experience in ship maintenance, technology management, navigation support, crew manning, production control and insurance claim, etc.

The SSMC has an experienced ship building supervision team. We provide one-stop service from the design stage through the building supervision and to ship delivery to meet various demands and requirements of customers in all aspects. Up to now, SSMC has supervised the building of more than 20 ships, including container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers and chemical tankers.

SSMC has been adhering to the concept of "achieving efficiency through operation and management" and "people first", valuing scientific management and reasonable allocation, and strictly controlling the cost while ensuring safety. SSMC increases income and reduces cost in a scientific and reasonable manner by large-scale procurement, bidding, encouraging self-improvement, fuel and oil saving measures.

Cooperated with a professional software company, SSMC developed Seacon Ship Management System (SSMS), through which budget, operation and ship asset value can be effectively monitored. The system is a scientific, convenient and transparent management platform for ship owners and ships.

In the past 15 years, SSMC has established close and friendly partnership with a number of famous shipyards and suppliers at home and abroad, fully cover the services of ship maintenance, emergency repair and ship procurement for China and SE Asia.