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Seacon was rated as Best Ship Management Company
The 2018 Zheng He Maritime Billboard was ceremoniously announced at China Financial Information Center in Shanghai on 19:30,July 11, 2018,Maritime Day of China.
Seacon was rated as Best Ship Management Company
Opening Address by Xu Zuyuan, Former Vice Minister of MOT
Seacon Ships Management Co., Ltd. won the China's Best Ship Management Corporation in this year's Zheng He Maritime Billboard.
Seacon was rated as Best Ship Management Company
Mr. Zhao Yong, Managing Director of Seacon Ships Management Co., Ltd .Accepted the Award and Delivered an Acceptance Speech
Zheng He Maritime Billboard aims at inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of Zheng He, shaping and developing modern advanced maritime culture. It also encourages China’s majority of colleagues and corporate organizations in maritime field to be pioneers and innovators in the construction of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and Maritime Powers, Seaborne Powers, and Transportation Powers, and to make greater contributions to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
The billboard was strongly supported by many authorities such as Zheng He Research Society, China Institution of Navigation(CIN),Chinese Society of Oceanography(CSO),China Ports & Harbours Association(CPHA),Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers(CSNAME), China Water Transportation Construction Association(CWTCA),China Association of Communication Enterprise Management(CACEM), China Shipowners' Association(CSA), Cross-Strait Shipping Exchange Association and Shanghai Shipping Exchange(SSEFC), etc. Xu Zuyuan, former Vice Minister of Ministry of Transport (MOT), Liu Gongchen, former Security Director of MOT, and Zhang Shouguo, Executive Vice President of China Shipowners' Association(CSA), attended the billboard ceremony.