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Professional Sulphur Tanker YANGTZE JASPER Delivered Successfully
On 25th, August, 2017, the 4700DWT professional sulphur tanker “YANGTZE JASPER” was successfully delivered and started her first voyage at Tianjin, which is invested and managed by SEACON SHIPS GROUP.
On the day of ceremony, the investor from shipowner, the charterer SINOTRANS, XINGANG shipyard, KR register and other representatives attended the launch ceremony. The Vice General Manager from Seacon Ships Management Company, Mr. Sun Xueyu made a speech on behalf of Seacon ships Group to thank for the workers from shipyard, designing institute, KR register and the others who had gave great efforts for this vessel’s successful delivery sincerely.
Liquid sulphur is also known as Molten Sulphur, at normal temperature, it becomes solid powder, graininess or clumps. Sulphur is widely used in modern industrial systems as a basic industrial materials.
Due to liquid Sulphur’s special physical properties, the temperature should be controlled at about 150°C during the whole transportation process to keep its liquid stability, and the loading and unloading operations are of high technical characteristics.
Due to the construction of liquid sulphur tanker needs high technology and costs, it’s usually constructed by Japan or Korea. We could only rent from them and the Chinese liquid sulphur market is long occupied by Japan an Korea because of their strong technical power.
The project is a successful master work after we research and work closely with the other partners. It’s totally controlled by Seacon Ships Management Company during the process of the market investigation, design, vessel’s and shipyard’s selection and the construction. It only costs five months to finish the construction. The Seacon Ships tanker and chemical team did an extraordinary amount of high-quality work in a short period of time to ensure the delivery time and gathered rich technical experience for our chemical tanker’s construction and management as well. The project’s success marks that Chinese liquid sulphur transportation will further break up the monopolies of foreign tankers.
At the same time, the successful delivery of MV YANGTZE JASPER also means that the total amount of ships from Seacon Ships Group is over 80.