Marine Service
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Insurance Claims

The company has a professional maritime insurance team and maintains good partnership with many insurance companies as well as the Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association. Relying on the fleet size and good claim record, the company can provide legal and technical advice for ship owners, help them get more competitive insurance price, recommend claim method, follow up the whole claim process and help customers manage risks more economically and efficiently.

The company can inquire the insurance prices from insurance companies in accordance with the specific plan and compares the prices to come to the best option; help customers prepare documents and data and buy insurance from the insurer; check insurance contract and make explanations on insurance conditions and terms to ship owners; regularly analyze and compare condition of the insurers; assist customers to renew the insurance with the best option upon the expiry.

Ship Brokerage

The company has a professional ship brokerage team who has been long engaged in new ship building, sales of second-hand ships and ship brokerage business, with rich experience in new ship building and sales of second-hand ships.

The company has completed sales of more than 100 ships for customers at home and abroad, with the total transaction amount of 3 billion USD. It is also employed as consultant of the industry by relevant ship investment institutions and banks.

Financing service

Relying on the strong capital background and years' credit relationship established with banks, the company has established and maintained good partnerships with major banks, financing companies, leasing companies and trust funds operating ship financing. It can assist customers in interfacing and coordinating ship financing business. This year, the company has successfully arranged financing and re-financing for shipbuilding, second-hand ships and abandoned ships for many domestic ship owners, ensured the operation of these ships in water.