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Seacon Shipping Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seacon Shipping Group and a professional company dedicated to the international and domestic shipping and chartering, mainly focus on transport operation of dry bulk/break bulk and oil/chemical products through international/domestic routes. Currently there are more than 30 transport ships for coastal and ocean dry bulk cargoes and oil&chemical products, owning and controlling a transport capacity of about 1.8 million DWT, in which more than 0.8 million DWT is owned by Seacon Shipping.

Its business scope includes charter shipping of bulk cargo ships, general cargo ships, oil&chemical tankers and matching services including Ship Chartering/Shipbrokerage/Portoperations. The company mainly engaged in coastal, near-sea and ocean’s transport operation of such dry bulk cargoes as ores, coals, cement, logs, wood chips, asphalt, sulfur, steels, grain, fertilizers and other large/special cargoes.

Service network: Sole proprietorship and joint venture companies and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Athens, Hamburg and Tokyo etc.

Operation routes: domestic coastal/SE Asia
/RUS/U.S.GULF/EUROTHERM/W.Afr/AUS/the Baltic/the Black Sea/the Middle East/the Persian Gulf and other areas.

Vessel type: handysize/smx/pmx/log carrier/multi-purpose and heavy lift vessel, asphalt tanker/liquid sulfur tanker, etc.

Seacon shipping can offer flexible methods such as TC/TCT/VC/BBC according to customers’specific requirements and has also established extensive, long-term and friendly partnership with main cargo owners and famous charterers at home and abroad.

Many specialized departments are set under Seacon, including Line Dept., Chartering Dept., Oil/Chemical Dept., Operation Dept., Marketing Dept., Commercial Dept., etc.

During last year, it has completed more than 300 shiptimes including tc/tct/voy and enjoying good reputation in the industry.

Relying on the advanced management of subordinate ship management company, Seacon realizes resource integration and work division between the business department and management department, providing it with a flexible reaction mechanism and the ability to deal with various emergencies quickly.

At present, the company fleet has formed the pattern of rational structure with large/medium/small ships while operating both coastal and ocean routes.